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In the past we have used a multitude of different content management systems from Silverstripe to Wordpress. While these existing frameworks are comprehensive, they offer little room for development in the new ways of working that we enjoy, such as HAML and SASS. Furthermore, they can be somewhat cumbersome in their development approach creating a steep learning curve for our clients.

Introducing our inhouse Content Management System

Over the past 7 years we have acquired a wealth of experience in what makes a good user interface and importantly what makes a good interface for our clients to use to update their website. We have taken the traditionally frontend for visitors and backend system for admins and combined them together, so there is only the front end and admins are given the power to edit the website as they see it.

Built for web developers, the system provides the basis for a simple website whilst giving absolute freedom to easily allow forums, blogs and custom code to be easily embedded. 

If you like the sound of our system then visit, login and try updating / creating content.

  • Username: default@email.co.uk
  • Password: 12345678


Posted by: Gareth Cork on 26 July 2013

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