Server Upgrade

Server Upgrade
Server Upgrade
Our server upgrade is a success!

There were no reported problems with the datacentre move and downtime was minimised to 8 hours.

Details of the migration are below:

Our upstream colocation provider operates multiple datacentre facilities and we have recently been informed of their decision not to continue offering services at the London Hosting Centre (LHC) beyond March 2012.  We will therefore need to physically transition our equipment to their newer facility (Centro).

This decision comes following a detailed review of their facilities and a continued commitment to providing the highest quality web hosting services.   With LHC not being an owned building, our upstream provider does not feel confident that 100% uptime SLA's can be met into the future as they have limited or no control over certain aspects of building management.

The newer Centro facility is based within a dedicated 50,000 sq. ft. secure compound in Hemel Hempstead and has a specification exceeding that of LHC with 100% uptime SLA's, enhanced security and a more robust network.

With the amount of equipment needing relocated, and the distance between buildings, the move will involve up to 6 hours downtime and is scheduled for Saturday 26th November 2011 - 10pm to 6am (GMT).

The relocation is being performed by a specialist datacentre moving team, making use of specialist vehicles, with full insurance cover in place for all equipment. 

Posted by: Gareth Cork on 1 December 2011

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